Auckland Rugby is seeking current secondary school students to referee here in Auckland.

In Auckland we have over 20,000 players take the field every Saturday for about 30 weeks of the year, and we are looking for young, enthusiastic, and rugby-savvy young men and women to referee these players each week.

Auckland Rugby Referees Secondary School Project will bring together students from across Auckland to Eden Park to help their development as rugby referees. It is proposed that they will go through a structured development programme for approximately 10 weeks across Terms 3 and 4. Across the 10 weeks, students will learn the basics of rugby refereeing which will include practical and theoretical elements. Practical experience can include refereeing primary and secondary school tournaments along with the many 7s tournaments across the summer. With the aim for the students to gain the necessary skills to referee school and club rugby in 2023.

The course will have minimal to no impact on their studies, as we propose that they would come to Eden Park at 5:00pm on a day suited to most participants for 90 minutes. Travel subsidies can be arranged.

For the students, this programme has several benefits. Firstly, through their development of becoming a referee, they will garner skills like making decisions under pressure, communication and negotiation which will not only support their personal development but can be transferred into many elements of their life. In addition to that, the programme has the following benefits

  • Dedicated referee coaching
  • Potential 10 NCEA Level 3 Credits
  • Potential scholarship opportunities
  • Over $500 worth of referee kit.
  • Duke of Edinburgh sign off
  • Tickets to all Auckland NPC home games

The programme is due to begin in September 2022. 

For more information, contact Javeed Ali - 027 1800 4330 -