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On any Saturday during the Auckland club rugby season there are around 20,000 players taking the field. During the week primary and secondary school rugby is played. At Auckland Rugby Referees Association we appoint referees to most of these games, but there are always teams who miss out on an official referee. This is where you can help and get involved in our national game.

Auckland Rugby Referees welcome new referees and those transferring from other associations throughout the season. Associate Referee and Full Accredited Referee courses details are included here.

Grow the Game

While many referees take up the whistle to simply get out on a rugby field each Saturday morning, keeping fit and helping people enjoy their recreation, many others see refereeing as an opportunity to develop their decision making, enhance their management skills and even realise a dream of being a test match referee. Whatever your ability, age or aspirations refereeing caters for everybody.

The Auckland Rugby Referees Association has a strong tradition of our referees officiating at the highest levels but these same referees are also involved at the grass-roots level supporting and advising new referees through our active coaching and development pathways.

Coaching and Training

Our training evenings are held on Monday from 7:00 to 8:15pm. We usually commence the weekly meetings in March going through to August. Evenings include lectures, tuition and guest speakers. Much of the training is interactive with discussion groups.

  • New referees joining for the first time are tutored and coached in their own class.
  • Transferring referees are assessed and placed into the appropriate panel.
  • Qualified referee coaches view you refereeing at games and provide advice allowing improvement.

Benefits of Refereeing

  • Remain regularly fit and involved in rugby.
  • Ensure that games can go ahead safely and with officials.
  • Become more knowledgeable in the game and understand those calls on the television.
  • Opportunities to travel to other provinces and overseas to referee.
  • Contribute something to the community and sport.
  • Meet new people and be involved in another socially active group.
  • Potential opportunities to become a representative referee.

What is available?

  • Coaching and training on the laws and the refereeing of a game.
  • Regular physical conditioning under the eyes of a qualified trainer.
  • Free refereeing kit, whistle and law book.
  • Selection to assist at Super Rugby and Auckland’s home games at Eden Park.
  • Access to free tickets to Auckland’s games at Eden Park.

What you need

All you need is a love for the game and a pair of boots! You will be provided with everything else including a uniform, flags, whistle and law book.

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